Commuter Lot Parking Spaces Displacement

Beginning on April 29, 2013 four spaces at the train station commuter parking lot will be displaced due to the on-going construction of the new train station. As compensation for the loss of these spaces McCourt Construction will be providing, through the MinuteVan Rail Shuttle, day pass parking and shuttle transportation at the West Acton Fire Station and the Mt Calvary parking lots. The four spaces will be available on a first come, first served basis with an expectation that they will be used by commuters connecting with the 7:08 AM express train. The following items would apply to the use of these spaces:

Day parking/shuttle passes can be obtained directly from the shuttle driver
The first four commuters connecting with the 7:08 AM express will have all of their transportation costs paid by McCourt Construction
After the four spaces are occupied the regular policies of the Rail Shuttle Day Passes will apply
Check for the most updated Rail Shuttle Schedule
Arrive at the West Acton off-site parking lot or Mt Calvary Church parking lot and park in one of the yellow lined spaces, obtain a hangtag from the driver (please note that as the Rail Shuttle begins at the Mt Calvary parking lot, that location is the best place to ensure obtaining free parking and shuttle service)
Tear off the stub and put the hanging portion of the tag on your rearview mirror with printed side facing out so that the officer patrolling the lot will know you have a valid day pass.
Hop on the bus and fill out the remaining part of the parking tag and give it to the driver (the daily pass also provides for return transport from the train station to the parking lot)
Please arrive at the parking lot with enough time to obtain the pass and put it on your rearview mirror
The Rail Shuttle has feedback cards for passengers to provide comments or concerns. Please ask the driver for a feedback card to provide input. Comments or complaints can also be sent by email to or by telephone at 978-844-6089
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