MinuteVan Parking Permit Policy

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Lot and 
West Acton Fire Station Lot
The Town of Acton has implemented a Parking Permit Policy in conjunction with the MinuteVan Rail Shuttle. The program includes parking privileges for registered participants who follow the guidelines listed below. The program is managed by the MinuteVan Transportation Coordinator and is closely monitored by Acton Police. Failure to comply with the Policy may result in removal from the program and violators are subject to fines, tickets and/or towing.
1. To be eligible for parking in the reserved area at the Mt. Calvary Church Lot or West Acton Fire Station lot, participants must register in the program and obtain a valid parking sticker for their vehicle and a bus pass. The bus pass must be shown to the driver.

2. Sticker/bus pass combo is $250 and is valid for one calendar year.

3. Participants may only use the assigned spaces Monday through Friday. Spaces are reserved for commuters only between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

4. There is no overnight parking in the Mt. Calvary Church Lot or the West Acton Fire Station lot.

5. The parking sticker must be displayed in the driver side rear window.

6. Parking stickers are not transferable. Stickers are for use only by the person to whom they are issued and in the vehicle they have registered.

For more information, contact the MinuteVan at 978-844-6809, email coordinator@minutevan.net or go to www.minutevan.net

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